Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Samsung Prepare for Mass Production of Super AMOLED screen for SGS IV

One of the distinctive features of the Galaxy S series is Super AMOLED screen, which provides a high level of contrast ratio, true black, vivid colors and a wide viewing angle, although considered unnatural and have excessive levels of saturation. Next series, Samsung Galaxy SIV, is rumored to be using the Super AMOLED Plus screen (no PenTile Matrix) Full HD 1080p resolution with a width of 5 inches.

Latest confirmation comes from the Korean media named Ddaily, who had leaked the plan of LG and Samsung before. They quote a source from the supplier chain, claiming Samsung has done mass production of full HD AMOLED screen of 5 inches, which was supposed to have been done, because other rumors say the release of SGS IV in April.

Sources indicate that the FMM is used for AMOLED so far been able to achieve high resolution without the use of such PenTile matrix pixel arrangement. For the production of full HD AMOLED, Samsung seems to be using different production methods, such as the combination of the FMM and Liti, as well as a diamond-shaped arrangement of pixels.

via Neowin
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