Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Galaxy Brand Potentially Threatening Android

photo from:carphonewarehouse.ie

X-Phone is a collaboration between Google and Motorola with the spec super phone (call it the big screen, the Sony camera sensor, kevlar body, 3000 mAh battery), but not a Nexus device. There is an allegation that one of the mobile phone is not just competing with Apple's iPhone, but also to undermine the dominance of Samsung Galaxy within the Android ecosystem. Benedict Evans, a strategy consultant for Enders Analysis shows why Google: Galaxy brand there is likely to beat the Android brand for the consumer awareness / consciousness of consumers.

Using Google Trend charts, Evans suggests that the Galaxy brand of high growth in conjunction with the Android brand in terms of web searches worldwide, and for the first time the term has been fairly equal Galaxy Android. Evans also points out that in its marketing, Samsung Android seldom mentioned, can be seen in ads for sporting events SuperBowl Samsung yesterday.

In the ad that Samsung is trying to impress satirical Apple patented the basic concepts and accused Samsung mimic Apple. However, this ad does not mention Android at all, not even a Samsung mobile phone displays frontally, especially its features are also not mentioned.

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