Friday, February 8, 2013

'Floating Touch' Tech on Galaxy S IV Display

Latest flagship smartphone from Samsung is rumored to have a new technology in the screen. Utilizing the latest chip from Atmel maXTouch S, Samsung Galaxy S screen staying digadang IV had superior performance, but with minimal power consumption.

Through this technology, users can navigate without having to touch the screen directly. Simply move your finger to the proximity to the screen, such as the movement of the float gesture. The function is similar to the Floating Touch technology found on the Sony Xperia Sola. But the Xperia Sola, said the use of such technology is still less than the maximum.

Previously, Pantech Vega also use such technology. On the phone, front camera which is used as a motion sensor reader. But the technology is actually consume large power and becoming obsolete.

Well, the chip from Atmel is claimed to have low power consumption, but had a good performance. Responding to rumors, Samsung still has not commented.

via, techkiddy

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